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San Diego Imperial Council Rendezvous, August 2008:

Only one week after our Super Activity, Crew 7 was back out.  Our Crew President Blaine was the Youth Activity Chair for the council.  The Western Region Venturing President was the events VIP and Crew 7 had the pleasure of hosting him.

Our Past Crew President, Ryan, who is now the Council Venturing Teen Leader Council Vice President was one of the two youth recipients of the Council Venturing Leadership Awards.

In the morning, several crews put on demonstrations or activities including a 20-mile bike ride, cooking, backpacking, Ethics in Action and more.  After lunch our Regional President ran a youth forum while Craig Murray, long time Venturing Advisor and host of many Venturing Websites including, put one on for the adults.

Brian led our crew in putting on the afternoon game.  A series of activities following an Indian Jones theme, traveling the globe and battling Nazis.  Even the Regional President joined in.

Blaine, The Teen Leader's Council and all of the staff are all to be commended for an excellent event.

Some of our crew had a morning at the San Diego Festival of Sail, and of course, we took pictures.

Festival of Sail


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