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Eagle Project, November 2008:

Our Crew President, Blaine, is currently working not only on Venturing Awards, but on earning his Eagle Scout Rank as a part of Troop 688.

The project includes putting in a 160' x 5' Black chain link fence and clearing a lot for a playing field for the youth of Pomerado Christian Church.  Many members of Crew 7 joined members of the Troop and the church in supporting him.  The group did great work.


Each of the three pictures below is a link to the full days pictures.  Below that you will find before, during and after pictures of the project.

Day 1- November 22 Day 2 - November 24 Day 3 - November 26

The Fence Line

The backbone of the project was to install a fence along the west side of the north lot at Pomerado Christian.  The work crew lined out all the holes and dug them out on Day 1.  On Day 2, the posts were set in concrete and Day 3 the fence was strung up.

The fence is 5' tall black vinyl chain link with 10' spaces between the posts.  It is built in two connected sections. One 100' long and the other 60'.  To add stability, there is a top rail running the entire length.

Originally bordering the lot were pieces of telephone poles totaling about 70' in length.  The poles were rolled aside and later moved about 25' to the north to provide seating for observers.


Around the Storage Shed

In order to make the field more useable, the encroaching ice plant had to go.  So the team pulled and dug and piled up enough to fill the dumpster two and a half times.

Storage Shed Entry

The storage shed is only accessed a few times each year, which meant that every time it required a battle with the ice plant.  Large rocks which had been dumped on the other side of the lot were carried over and used to build a small barrier.  This creates a line that the gardeners can use keep things cut back to.

The Rock and Rubble Pile

At one time, or several times, in Pomerado history the conclusion of a work project seemed to have rocks, concrete and macadam dumped in one spot of the lot.  This has always created a hazard for players of any game.  Lifting, digging and raking removed the majority of the rubble dramatically altering the usability of this corner of the yard.

The Big Picture

There is no question that what was once a dirt lot has become a useable yard for Pomerado Christian.  From any angle the facility is nicer.  Perhaps someone else would like to put in sprinklers and sod as a future Eagle project to make the area even more friendly.


Special thanks to Alpine Fencing, Dixieline, and Pizza Hut, for their great service and support in helping to keep the costs down.

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