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In the Spring of 2006, four high school students, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, began working on the God and Life Religious Award.  After the meetings were finished, they decided to continue meeting together each week.  Others joined in and on October 1, 2006, Venturing Crew 7 was officially chartered.


The primary leadership of the crew rests with the youth.  A Youth in Venturing is defined as being under the age of 21.  The Crew President is supported by two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  Each event has one or more youth assigned to as an Activity Chair.

In support of the youth are the adults.  The Crew Advisor and Associate Advisors are the normal direct contact leaders.  The Crew Committee provides additional support.  Each event is assigned an adult leader to provide support for the Activity Chair. 

All Crew 7 leaders are registered with BSA and have undergone a background check.  All direct contact leaders are trained in BSA Youth Protection Guidelines.

Our Activities

The activities of Crew 7 are varied and represent the many interests of our youth members who are exploring life as they move into adulthood.  Some are as basic and simple as going to the movies; others can be as complex as the planning of a week long tour of Northern California and Oregon.  The continuous thread between all events is the fellowship of friends. 

Recognition & Awards

Crew 7 uses the full range of recognition awards for Venturing.  The first award most Venturers will complete is the Venturing Bronze.  This can be earned in one of five areas:

Religious Life, Outdoors, Arts and Hobbies, Sports or Sea Scouts.  Then they move to Gold and Silver.  Additional awards are available in particular categories, such as the Quest, Trust and Ranger Awards.  

Many of our members have earned the Religious Award appropriate to their faith.

Crew 7 also incorporates the Corps of Discovery as a part of the recognition program.

Getting Involved

The first step is to come and visit a meeting.  High School and College aged students are always welcome.  For the protection of our youth, adult visitors must make arrangements in advance with our Advisor  advisor@powayventuring.com.  Anyone wishing to go on an activity must register and pay the $10 registration cost.  This allows us to include you under BSA insurance.


To join Crew 7 requires $10 initially, which pays for your first two months dues.  After that continued membership costs $5 per month.  These dues will pay for your continued registration with BSA, your insurance and for general operating costs of the crew, including awards.  This does not cover participation in our activities.

Each activity has its own cost which is divided among all participants equally, youth and adults.  Some are as inexpensive as a few dollars for gas, our most expensive was about $200 for a week.


The youth of Crew 7 have elected to adopt the BSA recommended Venturing Uniform shirt with gray pants or blue jeans.  The cost of the uniform shirt with basic patches is about $45.  These are worn to most meetings and when traveling to events.  Crew 7 activity t-shirts are made as enough interest warrants a new order. They are worn for times when the uniform shirt is unsuitable, such as work parties, hiking, canoeing, etc.

Other Scouting Involvement

Many of the members of Crew 7 have extensive Scouting background outside of the Crew.  Eight have already gone completely through Boy Scouts to the age of 18.  One is in his fifth year, giving a total of more than 60 years of experience.

Eagle Scouts

Blaine S.

Tommy M.

Ryan W.

Daniel R.

Kevin S.

Karl S.

Order of The Arrow

Toni S., Ordeal

Ryan W., Brotherhood

Blaine S., Brotherhood

Daniel R., Brotherhood

Brian M., Vigil

Sean M., Vigil

Karl S., Vigil





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