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It is the people who make the Crew...

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Youth Leadership

The Crew President is Caitlyn.  Caitlyn has been a Venturer for two years most recently serving the crew as Vice President of Administration. Caitlyn is Senior at mt. Carmel and is very active in school sports: water polo, track and others depending on the season.  .

President Emeritus: For our first 18 months, the Crew President was Ryan.  Ryan is an Eagle Scout and a Freshman at San Diego State University.  Ryan was one of the original scouts who received the God and Life.  He is the first recipient of a Venturing Bronze in our Crew.  He is also the first to earn the rank of Eagle Scout while a member of our crew.  He is the position of Teen Leader Council Vice President for San Diego Imperial Council.  For his outstanding work in shaping Crew 7 as well as his promotion of Venturing in the council and community, he was voted President Emeritus. In August, Ryan received the Venturing Leadership Award.

Crew Vice Presidents

The VP of Administration is Brooke She was an early member of our crew and has served the crew as secretary and as treasurer.  She balances her Venturing activities with her love of Water Polo.  She is a Senior at Rancho Bernardo High.

The VP of Activities is currently an open position.

Secretary is Becca.  This is her first position of crew leadership, but has much experience as a church youth leader.

Treasurer Kimberly now serves as the crew treasurer.  Kimberly has been a member of the crew for over 3 years.  She has served as Vice-President of Administration and as Secretary. Kimberly is a student at Palomar and works in the banking industry.

Historian:  Sammy comes with a love of photography and a desire to see Crew 7 in the history books.  Sammy joined Crew 7 in its first month and comes with many years of Girl Scout experience.

Teen Leader's Council

Many of the Crew 7 youth are members of the Teen Leader's Council.  This is the youth board which develops and promotes inter-crew activities.

Those who are on the board include Ryan, as TLC Vice-President and many others as regular attendees and board members.




Adult Leadership

The Crew Advisor is Karl Shelton.  He is an Eagle Scout.  Karl is the pastor who led the original God and Life class from which the crew was formed.  He has taken full advantage of Venturing Training through Wood Badge, Powderhorn, and other opportunities, and has served on staff at many trainings.  Karl has received the Advisor Award of Merit and the Venturing Training Award.  He was the District Chair for Black Mountain District and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the San Diego Imperial Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  Karl is now the Executive Administrative Assistant for the San Diego Imperial Council.


Associate Advisors

Michael Beaumont was a God and Life Mentor for the original group.  He has brought his enthusiasm for life to his role in the Crew.  Michael is fully trained as s Venturing Leader and has completed Wood Badge.  Michael received the Venturing Adult Training Award in October.

Toni Shelton was also a God and Life Mentor for the original group.  She comes with many years of Scouting involvement and training.  Toni received the Venturing Adult Training Award in October.

Josh Crandall is our first youth to "age out" and as taken the position as Associate Advisor.  He has served in the past as the Treasurer and the Vice President of Program.  While not a Scout in high school, Josh immediately saw the possibilities of Venturing and was involved through the planning phase and creation.  Josh is a student at Palomar College.  Josh is the first in our Crew to earn an Outdoor Bronze and has also earned the Venturing Gold & Silver Award.

Crew Committee Chair

Charlene Ellington has served the crew as the Crew Committee Chair from day one.  She is actively involved with the Crew.  She is also fully trained as a Venturing Leader.  Charlene comes with years of experience as a volunteer leader with the Girls Scouts, the Boy Scouts and professionally working in middle school education.  Charlene was recently recognized for her long time commitment to youth by being awarded the God and Service Award.

Adults may be reached by email


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