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Youth Leadership


The Ship Boatswain is Ryan.  Ryan joined the Ship in July of 2009 and served as originally as Boatswain's Mate.  Ryan has served in many roles of leadership including Troop Senior Patrol Leaders, Crew President, and Teen Leader's Council Vice President of Administration.  Ryan is an Eagle Scout and has earned his Venturing Silver.



Boatswain's Mates

The Mate of Administration is Michael.  Michael has a passion for the program.  He has served in roles of leadership outside of Sea Scouts including Hume Lake Summer Staff.

The Mate of Activities is held by Blaine.  Blaine served as the Inaugural Boatswain for the Dawn Treader and is the immediate past President of Crew 7  He is an Eagle Scout and has earned his Venturing Silver.  Blaine is also currently the Senior Patrol Leader for Boy Scout Troop 688 and the Senior Patrol Leader for his 2010 Jamboree Troop 704.  Blaine has attended and staffed Troop Leader Training, Venturing Leadership Skills Course, National Youth Leadership Training, Kodiak and many other trainings.  Blaine is the first member of the Ship to earn the rank of Apprentice.




Yeoman is Caitlyn.  Caitlyn is currently the President of Crew 7 and has previously served as the VP of Administration.








Purser Kimberly now serves as the Ship's Purser as well as the Crew Treasurer.  She has served as Vice-President of Administration and as Secretary. Kimberly is a student at Palomar and works in the banking industry.




Specialist - Media:  Sammy comes with a love of photography and a desire to see the Dawn Treader in the history books.  Sammy also serves as the Crew Historian.


Specialist - Sergeant at Arms - Daniel is an Eagle Scout and medical technician.  he has been a part of the Venturing Crew for 3 years.




Adult Leadership

The Skipper is Michael Beaumont.  Michael has served as Associate Advisor for Crew 7 for 3 years.  He is a trained sailor, certified for up to 50' boats. 



Skippers Mates

Toni Shelton has been an Associate Advisor for three years and a Scouter for five. She is Wood Badge trained.


Josh Crandall is our first youth to "age out" and as taken the position as Associate Advisor as well as Skipper's Mate.  Josh comes with many skills and a great enthusiasm for serving the youth.



Ship Committee Chair

Karl Shelton serves as the Ship Committee Chair.  He is extensively trained and as a leader of both youth and adults.  He has served as a Troop Committee Chair, a Pack Committee Chair, and a District Chair.  Karl is also the Advisor of Crew 7




Adults may be reached by email


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